How the other half lives. Duplexes where the twin is abandoned!

17 03 2009
Lee’s notes: I found this article, and found it interesting, so figured i would post it… What do you do when a conjoined twin dies?!?
How the Other Half (of the Paired Townhouse) Lives


What happens to houses joined at the hip(ped roof) when one half is abandoned by its occupants  and left to the elements? A photo essay by Camilo Jose Vergaga in Camden, New Jersey, explores the stark juxtaposition of living architecture and deserted buildings – paired homes where one remains in use and the other has fallen deeply in disrepair.


According to Vergaga, the remaining occupants encounter various problems when their former neighbors exit the picture. Burst pipes, potential fires, decaying materials and unwanted squatters are just the start. Sometimes the remaining resident simply turns their adjacency into a storage site or trash receptical for their unwanted old goods.


Vergaga points out that in poor neighborhoods, as opposed to middle-class ones, when someone is taken to the hospital or otherwise leaves their home the neighbors and police tend not to watch out for the place in order to prevent problems. As the population of Camden continues to decrease these mismatched pairs only grow in number.


Camilo José Vergara a Chilean writer and photographer now living in New York who is well known for his urban decay photography. In many cases, he makes return trips ot the same destinations to document changes overtime. He has also won a number of awards for his photography and has been exhibited in museums around the world. In one of his most compelling but controversial stunts, he proposed turning a huge portion of downtown Detroit into an intentional spectacle of preserved urban ruins.







Want a half bath, but only have enough room for a toilet?

12 03 2009

I have a flip house we have recently put on the market.. It’s a 1950’s bungalow, and it has 1 full bath… 3 bedrooms, and a 2 car garage, but that one lousy bath! hehe

It’s hard to explain, but you enter into the home in the living room, and there is a closet jutting out about 4 feet by 3 feet on the wall to the left. It’s like someone put a cabinet behind the front door, but more finished(drywall and normal closet door). So basically there is like 6 feet of wall space that kinda doesnt make sense.. Good place for entertainment center I guess, but not much else.. ANYWAY, my father(my general contractor) has been harassing me for over a month to add a half bath in place of that 3′ x 6′ area of the living room. You know, wall it out and put a door on the hallway for entry… I’ve just been thinking it wouldn’t make sense.. Not only would it put 2 bathroom doors next to each other in the hallway, but it would be pretty tough to put a sink vanity and a toilet in a 3′ x 6′ room.

So tonite, I was trying to find the end of the internet, and I happened on a product which turns the tank/top of the toilet into a small sink basin… Is this my solution?!?!  Would it really make a useful bath? I mean on the one hand you could do your “business” and wash your hands, but would people accept that as a “half” bath?! I doubt it, but it is an intriguing question and thought process… Would people feel comfortable brushing their teeth over the toilet?!? It’s clean “cold” water, but I think people might get squeemish… Not to mention, I would tend to think there is probably quite a few people who would think it was dirty water.. You know, those same people who think there really is a nigerian princess out there with gobs of money they are willing to give away!

A lot of “experts” say when you are rehabbing/flipping homes, you need to do one thing that throws the house over the top…. Could this be that one thing?!?!

I sent the site to the old geezer(my dad), let’s see what he thinks.. hehe I wont ask the wife, or my mother, cause I know they will tell me HECK NO!!! hehe

Indiana Property Tax Rally at the Statehouse Tuesday, March 10 at 11:30am

6 03 2009

Lee’s notes: I received an email from the Indiana Association of Realtors today speaking about a rally for Indiana property tax caps on Tuesday, March 10th at 11:30am.. Definitely want to show your support if you can! Taxes are supposed to be capped 1.5% for 2008 and 1.0% for 2009! Don’t let them “think about it” for another year!

Last year, members of the Indiana General Assembly passed a law to permanently cap property taxes for Hoosiers. But in order for the caps to truly become permanent the same law must be passed by a separately elected general assembly and then voted on by the public. A bill to make this happen, SJR 0001, has passed out of the Senate and now awaits a hearing in the House of Representatives. However, some legislators appear to be forgetting their promise to Hoosiers to make sure property owners are never caught off-guard again by sky-rocketing property taxes.

Join members of the Hoosier Property Tax Reform Alliance for a rally at the Statehouse on Tuesday, March 10 at 11:30 a.m.